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Marsh Products

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  • 4.5" Dial
  • Polished Chrome Ring
  • Adjustable Pointer
  • 1% Accuracy

Marsh Instruments Contractor's HVAC Service Gauge is a newly redesigned gauge with a long-life movement to meet the needs of contractors in air conditioning, heating, plumbing and refrigeration. This rugged and reliable gauge is economically priced and has many features normally found on more expensive gauges such as safety blowout disc, acrylic lens and polished chrome ring.

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  • ASME Grade B
  • Case Sizes: 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5"
  • Range 30" Hg to 150 psi or 300psi

Marsh Instruments Refrigeration Ammonia Gauges are designed for use on ammonia compressors and other ammonia refrigeration equipment. Marsh Ammonia Gauges include a restrictor that protects the gauge against sudden shock or pulsating pressure. The inner dial arc shows pressure, (psi/kpa) outer arc shows the corresponding temperature scale. Marsh refrigeration Ammonia Gauges are available in two case styles, plain or flanged black steel case.

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  • Color Coded Dial
  • Distinctive Marsh Pointer
  • Recalibrator Standard

Marsh Instruments Refrigeration Gauges are designed specifically for use on refrigeration systems, these gauges are sturdily constructed and tested to give long, continuous, accurate service.  In addition to the standard pressure or compound scale, dials also show the corresponding temperature scales for R-12, R-22, and R-502, in the various combinations shown in the chart below. Dial markings are sharp, clear and easy to read. Pressure and vacuum scales are printed in red.

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  • Recalibrator and Restrictor Standard
  • Color Coded Cases, "Reds" & "Blues"
  • Pressure Protection to 350 psi

Marsh Instruments Manifold Gauges are used in refrigeration applications for testing, servicing, and recharging. Our dials feature R-12, R-22, and R-502, or our new R-134a scale.

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