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Marsh Products

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  • Aluminum Case with Gold Anodized Finish
  • Dials Marked as AIR or WATER
  • UL Listed and FM Approved

Marsh Instruments Sprinkler Gauges offer outstanding dependability, and value. The are UL listed and FM approved for use on all types of springkler systems. The Marsh Sprinkler Gauge is availiable in two dial ranges, 0 to 300 psi, and 0 to 80 retarded to 250 psi. Both ranges are available with the dial marked either "AIR" or "WATER" for instant line identification by inspection and maintenance personnel.

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  • Connects Directly to Standard Water Faucet or Hose
  • Measures Commercial or Residential Water Pressure
  • Dual Scale Dial is Standard

Marsh Instruments Water Test Gauge (Marshalltown Figure 16K) is designed to connect directly to a standard " water faucet or hose. It is used to measure residential and commercial water pressure: also for selection and adjustment of valves, regulators, and other controls.

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  • Hinged Ring Chrome Plated Steel Case
  • Protective Weather Tight Seal
  • Restrictor is Standard

Marsh Instruments Chrome Plated Paper Machine Gauges are available in nine ranges and fit existing panel cutouts. The heavy duty case features a front flanged/hinged ring design with weephole, which allows easy access to the recalibrator, and prevents condensation buildup. A restrictor is standard. The Marsh paper Machine Gauge is available in 3" size only.  Each gauge has a weather-tight seal to protect against dust and atmospheric contaminates.

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  • Accuracy 1%
  • Polished Stainless Steel Case
  • Ranges to 10,000 psi
  • Micrometer Pointer

Marsh Instruments has been on top of Xmas Trees and well-heads much longer than any other name. Now, Marsh Instruments is offering the same high-performance gauge for replacement and renewal in a specially designed carton that you can easily spot on your store shelf. Other gauge manufacturers can copy "Xmas Tree Gauge" on their products but only Marsh Instruments can offer you all the special features, and dependability, that you buy a Xmas Tree Gauge for!  Features like a polished stainless steel case with alloy/stainless steel tube, tip, and socket, and an easy to adjust micrometer pointer.

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