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Marsh Instruments Series 200 Pressure Transducers and Transmitters are designed to provide a high level of performance at low cost. Marsh Instruments has achieved this unique balance through innovative design, extensive research and development, and major investment in advanced manufacturing technology.  The result is a range of transducers which are highly stable, accurate to within 0.25%, and available with milliamp, millivolt or voltage outputs. Manufactured with stainless steel wetted parts, these transistors resist drop shocks, impacts and continuous vibration and they operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +257F.  Series 200 pressure transducers are suitable for use throughout industry, in both high volume and specialized applications. To guarantee long term mechanical and electronic integrity, every unit is built to the exacting requirements of FBS5750 and ISO9001 and is subjected to rigorous tests for hardness, leaks, pressure, thermal cycling and aging.

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  • Converts Pressure Input to LCD Digital Readout
  • High Accuracy in Lightweight, Portable Package
  • State of the Art Semi-conductor

The Handheld Digital Pressure Indicator and Calibrator are ideal for calibrating DP cells, I/P's and P/I's. The indicator tests installed instruments and transmitters, verifies operation and settings of valves and switches, detects system leaks, and is used for other testing-maintenance applications.

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